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Region of Uganda/Kenya/Congo - Workshop on project management

Workshop on “project management and logical framework approach: building skills for practical application.”


This workshop was held at Entebbe – Uganda from 28th-30th Dec. 2010 and from 12th – 15th Jan. 2011.  We were 28 participants; all the communities in the region were well represented.

It was conducted by Charles Camara and sponsored by PLA Foundation and Caritas Sweden.

The Goal and the Objectives of the Workshop:

  • The participants have acquired good understanding of the Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach and are able to apply each component of the planning, implementation, monitoring, documentation, reporting, and evaluating
  • The participants learned to make use of logical framework approach as a practical tool in the development work, especially during preparation of a project proposal and writing reports.


The Catholic Social Teaching

Mr. Charles Camara gave a brief introduction to the Catholic Social Teaching in relation to Social work, especially in Development Projects.  He emphasised two principles of Catholic teaching:  That is Love and non Discrimination.

Love is the guiding principle, without love everything becomes mechanical, loving each one without discrimination: Catholic, non Catholic, believers, non believers, regardless of faith, nationality color, gender…


On the two principles there come three aspects:

§  Common Good

Whatever is good for all, share the goodness with others

§  Solidarity

Extend our love to all, especially orphans, widows, poor…meaning anyone in need becomes our brother/sister

§  Subsidiary

Our church is build on hierarchy, whatever can be done on lower level;

Well and good, don’t insist doing it on a higher level; empowering is

Connected with subsidiarity, there is a need for dialogue.


Sr. Annette Namugambe, the regional superior and Sr. Rose M. Nansubuga, a junior sister presented the charism and Mission of Mary Reparatrix sisters.  After a wonderful presentation, we went into group discussion, where we deepened the relationship between the Charism, mission and social work of Sisters of Mary Reparatrix based on reparation.


How to be relevant today as SMR

This sharing about the catholic social teaching and about the work of S.M.R

 By Sisters of Mary Reparatrix present in Uganda, Kenya, Congo Region, prepared us to deeper understanding of how to be relevant today as SMR.

We were privileged at the end of the session to learn about the basic concepts of preparing the proposal activity plan, time schedule and budget lines.

In order to apply all we learned, we went into groups and prepared project proposals as follows:



            Target Group: Street Children

            Main Problem: A high rate of street children

            Main Goal: To reduce the rate of street children


                        -To reduce the rate of parental mortality

                        -To provide parental guidance



            Target Group: Orphans

            Main Problem: High rate of Orphans

            Main Goal: To educate the children

                               by giving them a prospect

                               for a better life

            Objective – to reduce the high rate of

                               orphans infected and affected

                               by HIV/AIDs



            Target Group: Young ladies aged 13-20 years

            Main Problem: Live in unfulfilled life

            Main Goal: To help them come out of their miseries

            Objective:  to empower them to live a fulfilled life



            Target Group: Widows in Kagoma Parish

            Main Problem: Inadequate income among widows 

            Main Goal: To increase income among widows within Kagoma Parish

            Objectives: Adequate income among widows



            Target Group: Kibera living Water girls  aged between 12-25 years.

            Main Problem: Idling in Kibera slum due to unemployment, School drop outs,   most  especially after primary education.

            Main Goal: To reduce the high rate of idling girls in Kibera slum Nairobi Kenya.

            Objectives: Strengthen the vocational training programmes in our Vocational School of Living Water Kibera




In order to succeed in the above process we need:

The Resources:

-          Personnel
-          Skills/Knowledge
-          Funds
-          Time

We were encouraged by Mr. Camara to keep on practicing writing project proposals in order to become expert proposals writers.

A part from the workshop, Mr. Charles Camara visited all our communities, accompanied by Sr. Annette Namugambe and he was exposed to different realities where these projects are situation.



We thank God and we are grateful to Sisters: Christine, Annette, Birigita , Caritas Sweden and all who contributed to the success  of this workshop, for the good opportunity we had to be together and to experience the importance of Mr. Charles’ input about the Project cycle management (PCM) and Logical Frame Approac (LFA) in depth and our charism, in relation to social work.  We were very much challenged by Mr.  Camara’s commitment.



Sr. Franciska Nangonzi smr.
Project Collaborator (Region: Uganda/Kenya /Congo