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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • Always and in everything a “Thank you, ”because God has arranged everything to lead you to happiness.244
Mother Mary of Jesus

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Prayer life
Mary is our special model
in welcoming the Word,
allowing it take possession of us
and bear fruit in our lives:
"He fills the starving with good things, sends the rich away empty."



Our daily prayer
is rooted in meditation
on the Word of God,
the Holy Scripture
that speaks to us today,
and which invites us
"to seek and find God in all things",
as St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches us.

At the heart of our consecrated life
there is the call
to welcome God’s unlimited Love,
to take care of the Body of Christ
and to repair the body of Humanity
wounded by sin.
This is our mission as Reparatrices/Reparatrixes
and it is on this foundation
that we build our personal and community lives,
discern our daily activities
and evaluate our daily experiences together.
(Superior General, March 2009)
"We are called to live
the challenges of an entirely Eucharistic life, expressing them in welcome,
service, the gift of oneself, work, and
the quality of interpersonal relationships,
solidarity, and the search for justice."

(General Chapter 2007)
Eucharistic Adoration
is the place where we present the world
to Christ, the one Redeemer,
and where we offer ourselves
in union with him to the Father
for the needs of the world
We invite you to pray:
O Father,
who gave to Blessed Mary of Jesus
a deep understanding of your tender love for the world
and called her to follow your Son, Redeemer and Repairer,
in union with Mary and after her example;
Grant that we also may know how
to respond with generosity to your mystery of love
and give ourselves without calculation and reserve
to your service and that of our brothers and sisters.
Hear our prayer and through the intercession of her
who so loved you in the Eucharist,
grant us the grace we earnestly request.

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