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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • “First of all, I would like to see you showing less annoyance when something happens which is not what you want. It can nearly always be seen from the expression on your face or from your way of replying. (SL 59)1
Mother Mary of Jesus

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A woman led by the Spirit of God

A woman rooted in the love of Christ

  • Welcome with confidence the gift of Godís love
    in your life, while being aware that this love
    is wounded by sin.
  • Allow yourself to be loved and reconciled by God.

A woman who manifests the tender love of God

  • Live the charism with passion, audacity, zeal
    and creativity in a broken world.
  • Take risks to live and act in new ways
    that promote a world of peace,
    justice and respect for creation.

A woman led by the Spirit of God

  • Allow yourself to be evangelized
    by the fire of Godís love.
  • Discern with your sisters the new calls
    that cry out for reparation.
  • Collaborate with others in your response
    to those in greatest need, in solidarity with those
    who experience different forms of poverty
    and those in search of meaning in our world.
  • Offer the best of yourself, growing always in
    your desire to continue to be salt of the earth.
  • Give thanks to God for the gift of life
    that you have received.