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Mother Mary of Jesus
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Mother Mary of Jesus

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Our history - Origin

She was a wife and mother of four children.
She had all she needed
for an easy and comfortable life.

But one day Emilie d’Oultremont d’Hooghvorst
saw her life turned upside down
by a profound experience of God.

Deeply touched by the
tender and passionate love of God for the world,
Emilie realized that this love was often ignored and rejected.
From this she understood that the direction of her life
was going to change forever.

As a widow at the age of 29, Emilie continued the search
that would eventually lead her to found  a religious congregation.
The Sisters of Marie Reparatrice/Mary Reparatrix
were founded in Strasbourg, France in 1857.


Who was this woman?
What was her experience of God’s Call?
What were the beginnings of the Congregation?
The risk of expansion
The Congregation continues