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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • If it costs you to obey, obey blindly just the same and consider that Jesus was obedient even to the death of the cross. 1
Mother Mary of Jesus

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Emilie’s experience of God’s Call

EmileOn December 8, 1854, the day on which the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception was proclaimed in Rome, Emilie was in prayer in the chapel at Bauffe. She had a profound spiritual experience which would inspire and transform her life forever.

Emilie recounts this experience as an encounter with Mary who confided to her the secret of her maternal heart. Mary invited Emilie to love Jesus and the members of his Body, “with that delicacy of love that is found in a mother’s heart”, and in this way to be Mary for Jesus”. It was an invitation to collaborate in Christ’s mission of redemption and reparation. Emilie responded without reservation “I promised all to Mary”.

Emilie felt called to a life of “reparation”, according to the spiritual understanding of the XIX century, when there was a special sensitivity to the profanations against the Eucharist. She felt the immensity of God’s tender love for the world and the urgent desire to respond with the gift of her life.

For Emilie, ‘to make reparation’, was to be constantly turned towards Jesus Christ, desiring to serve him and to make him known, to accept to follow him to his passion, to live in solidarity with suffering humanity, to offer gestures of communion and to be an artisan of peace.  All of this marked her vast communication with others

“By Mary’s side and through her heart,
all in our life will be for God,
God’s glory and Reparation.”


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