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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • If it costs you to obey, obey blindly just the same and consider that Jesus was obedient even to the death of the cross. 1
Mother Mary of Jesus

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The Congregation continues

After the death of the Foundress in 1878, the congregation developed rapidly under the leadership of the general superiors in fidelity to the intuition of Mother Mary of Jesus.

Eight women served the congregation between 1878 and 2013. In 2013, Sr. Aurora Torres was elected the ninth General Superior.

The Second Vatican Council: (1960-1964), constituted a turning point between the time when unity was understood in terms of uniformity and the time of openness to the modern world. As was the case for the whole Church and for Consecrated Life,

Sr. Aurora Torres
General Superior
the council was a central event also for the sisters of Marie Reparatrice/Sisters of Mary Reparatrix. Through the publication of various writings of the Foundress the original inspiration of the Congregation was brought to full light and permitted the sisters to realize their aggiornamento.

At the second Vatican Council, when Pope John XXIII called for the windows of the church to be opened to the Spirit, religious congregations were asked to return to the sources of their respective charisms. These sources were the Gospel and the writings of their founders/foundresses. The sisters of Mary Reparatrix/Marie Reparatrice heeded this call and during the following years they explored various fields of theology, including the theology of reparation and of religious life. They also studied the writings of their foundress, Mary of Jesus. This led to a wider perspective in their understanding of their charism, and its expressions of prayer and service.

If Mother Mary of Jesus returned today, what would she see? She would no longer see the buildings as she knew them. Among the houses she founded, the only one where a community of the congregation still lives is that of Strasbourg. The sisters no longer wear the original blue and white habit. Their chapels no longer have grills. Eucharistic adoration is lived with great simplicity. The sisters usually live in small groups, in simple neighbourhoods, and in such a way that does not distinguish them greatly from their local environment. They are involved in many types of ministry that respond to the needs of their contemporaries, while remaining faithful to the original objectives of spiritual accompaniment, catechetics and retreats.

If Mary of Jesus returned, she would see that the charism is still alive in the sisters of Marie Reparatrice/ Mary Reparatrix, in the midst of the problems and difficulties of today, in a world of violence and indifference in which they work, in this world which God loves with the same tenderness and passion.


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The Congregation continues