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The novitiate marks
the official beginning of
religious life.
It is a time of preparation
for committing oneself
in the congregation,
by the three vows of
chastity, poverty and obedience.

The Novitiate lasts for two years approximately.
It is a time of grace
where one has the experience of
living in an international community.

One learns to grow in freedom and self knowledge
and in a greater awareness of Jesus
in his work of Reparation.
One is also enabled to look upon
the complex reality of our modern
world with the eyes of faith.

The novitiate period ends with a simple
celebration of First Vows,
where the novice publicly expresses
her decision to follow
in the footsteps of Jesus by living
the charism of Marie Reparatrice.


Lord Jesus,
I am happy to respond
to your invitation,
and I offer you
my entire life,
to live in a spirit of
Reparation with Mary
and to proclaim your
Good News.