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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • Always and in everything a “Thank you, ”because God has arranged everything to lead you to happiness.244
Mother Mary of Jesus

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« I have come to bring fire to the earth
and how I wish it were blazing already ..»
Luke 12:49


The General Chapter
of 2007
chooses to deepen
and live our charism
more fully,
so as to make it
known to all.






From the beginning
of the Congregation
It was hoped that
the mission of Reparation
would be shared
with lay persons, women and men,
and with priests,
who felt themselves attracted
by this call.



The concept of Reparation
is so vast that it often touches
sectors of society more accessible
to lay persons than to religious.
It is in this sense that Vatican 11
recommended that
Christian lay people
become involved
in areas such as politics,
culture, the family, the economy etc.
so as to reinstate
a more just society,
especially in places where the poor
are exploited or marginalised.

In order to become involved
in such a mission
we have as our model
the person of Mary,
who chose to be poor, (Luke 1:39)
and lived among
the poor in simplicity,
“without pomp and noise"
but also without fear of risk.

This kind of life-style could transform
the mentality of our modern world
where neo-capitalism
causes devastation,
and where the rich become richer
and the poor poorer.


                           The Congregation of Marie Reparatrice/ Mary Reparatrix
                                 offers to everyone the means at its disposal
                                         for living according to the spirit of Reparation,
                                                and at this present time there are lay associates in several countries.


Perhaps you also
       feel called
              to join us as a lay associate?

                                                        Contact us