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Madre María de Jesús

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Perpetual profession and Silver Jubilee celebrations at Entebbe

It was a bright day. As we marched in procession while singing “Marching united in Christ”, we looked forward to a successful celebration and indeed it was good. Our two sisters Apolline Namukisa and Jane Nyachwo made their Perpetual profession while the Silver jubilerians were sisters Rita Nabukalu, Margaret  Ndege, Regina Nankya and Francis Nantale. The ceremony was graced by the presence of three bishops; John Baptist Kagwa of Masaka diocese, Charles Martin Wamika of Jinja diocese and Christopher Kakooza of the Archdiocese of Kampala who was the main celebrant. We were blessed to have the choir from Our Lady of Nativity (Bisanje Parish) where most of our sisters had worked and where Srs. Apolline and Regina are currently working.

In his homily, Bishop Christopher expounded the theme of “self-empting” by highlighting the fact that Christ humbled Himself and this self-emptying leads to exaltation. He urged the sisters to also humble themselves so as to be led to this exaltation by Christ. He further explained the vows saying “Poverty does not mean deprivation but owning everything in common while obedience is a gift that enables us to be at the service of the Gospel”. He also explained that we are a gift from God just like any other gift adding   that “for twenty five years the sisters sat contemplating Jesus in the blessed sacrament and therefore we celebrate with them together with those who made their perpetual profession because they recommit themselves in the love of God.”

The Regional Superior, Sr. Annette Namugambe also in her speech reminded the sisters that the commitment they made was irreversible. “There is no turning back. Remember what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back. She became a pillar of salt” she said.  

Bishop Charles who gave a speech on behalf of the bishops present thanked the sisters for responding to this “essential constitutive part of religious life in the Church. The day was colourful with entertainments from Mapeera Nursery and Primary School which is headed by Sr. Jane Nyachwo and Mary Reparatrix Secondary school among others. The place was well decorated thanks to the Imaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix sisters who offered us a gift of all the flowers. We thank God for the wonderful day.