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Employee recognition of excellence award
Employee recognition of excellence awardSister Julie Buckley has been working as a Chaplain in the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin, Ireland, for the past five years. Two years ago the hospital launched an employee Recognition of Excellence Award scheme (ROE) to acknowledge outstanding performance in both the clinical and non-clinical areas.

Hospital staff nominate a person and/or team of people who they believe have achieved a level of excellence in their field. The award is given on a quarterly basis.

The Objectives of the scheme:
* Recognise and promote positive behaviours that support individual, team and hospital goals and objectives
* Provide timely recognition to employees.

Relevant Criteria to be demonstrated:
* Flexibility and adaptability
* Is a role model for the workplace
* Goes the extra mile
* Offers patient/family-centred service
* Exceptional contribution towards teamwork and morale
* Demonstrates excellence in practice
* Demonstrates the Values and Mission of the hospital.

Julie was nominated for the Recognition of Excellence Award for outstanding performance in the Clinical area by her Intensive Care Unit colleagues. She was presented with her award on the 12th December 2007, by the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital.

Warmest congratulations to Sr. Julie Buckley on the reception of her Excellence Award just before Christmas. We are all very proud of you, Julie and wish you all the strength and help you need to continue your great work.