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Regional Assembly (Uganda/Kenya/Congo Region)

14th – 17th, august 2010

We had a retreat from the 4th to the 13th of August which was organized for all the sisters within the region who were able to attend.  Sixteen of them were graced with God’s goodness during these days.  Sr. Stephanie who was among them renewed her vows on the 13th the last day of the retreat. 


On the 15th, the feast of our lady, we had six junior sisters who renewed their vows; sisters Immaculate, Elizabeth, Rosemary, Claire, Philomena and Teopista. This was done during Morning Prayer.  It was a very joyful moment for each of these sisters and a blessing to our region.  We congratulate them for their YES to God. We wish them happiness and courage as they continue to respond to God’s call in our world today. This marked the first day of our assembly which took place in Entebbe welcoming centre.   Thirty three sisters attended the assembly but those who are studying could not attend.   The meeting was chaired by Sr. Annette the regional superior. 


The theme of the Assembly:
Sr. Annette presented the report of the region followed by the report from the regional bursar Sr. Frances Nantale.  
Both reports featured the achievements and challenges in the past and also the region’s future plans.


We had a presentation of the proposed Regional project by Sr. Mary H.

The second day, we had a presentation based on  the Tetianship held in Rome from January to June this year by sisters Salome, Antoinette and Beatrice.  Their sharing was focusing on the Evangelical counsels.  According to their sharing, we learnt that the profession of the evangelical counsels is an offering to God.  Our mission is to give of who we are and not what we do and to witness that Christ is alive.  Consecration itself is a mission to witness Christ.  We reflected and shared more of this through group discussions.

Sr. Mary H. made a clarification regarding the initial formation and the different moments within this stage.


Sr. Antoinette presented the Norms of our region followed by reactions and suggestions from the sisters in their respective groups.

Sr. Francis Nangozi shared with us the report of the meeting held in Rome in June organized by the Development Office. 

Her sharing helped the sisters to understand the difference between our mission and the ministries in which we are engaged in.


 After listening and exchanging views regarding all the above, different teams met the following day, to share their reports over the last two years, and make plans for the next two years.  This assembly was a great moment for all the sisters within the region who were able to attend.  It was a wonderful moment of being together and sharing the joys of our Reparatrix vocation together.  After it all, the sisters left to their respective communities with renewed spirits and zeal to do the more in the Lord’s vineyard.  We thank the Lord for this wonderful time passed together which we pray that it may be fruitful to our region.  We thank our sisters in other regions for their prayers and continued support in all ways.
Thanks be God!!