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  • " Le cœur de Marie demande que nous reconnaissions l'amour de son Divin Fils; que sur la terre où elle n'est plus, nous la remplacions auprès de Lui. "

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News from Great Britain Ireland Region
It is with great joy that we have come to the end of our Assembly in Wimbledon during which Sisters Eileen, Barbara and Julie transmitted the content of the General Chapter. They really passed on the torch, the heat of which one could literally feel. There were twenty five of us from our communities in England, Scotland and Ireland. During the Assemble we were led in creative ways of prayer, very appropriate to Chapter theme, “ God loved the world so much… What do we do with so great a love?” For example, as we prayed for the needs of the world each one had the opportunity to hold the world globe in her hands for a moment of silent prayer. At another occasion we passed a lighted candle from one to the other as a symbol of our desire to pass on the light and love of Christ.

There was a power point presentation of the content of the Chapter using images, graphics, statistics etc. We appreciated the general orientation for the next six years and feel challenged to make it part of our daily lives. The different themes woke us up to the reality of our different situations and fanned into flame our enthusiasm and missionary zeal. We resonated deeply with the quote from Lk.12: 49
“I have come to bring fire to the earth and how I wish it were blazing already”.

We spent some time relating the Chapter content to our own situations and drew up a programme of goals and means to achieve them during the next two years. We ended our Assembly with great gratitude in our hearts for the work of the General Chapter in Loyola.