Taliga, house of prayer



The village of Táliga, with about 700 inhabitants, is located in the region of Extremadura in the westernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, about 25 km from the border with Portugal. It is surrounded by holm oak hills, and in the territory that belongs to the municipality, there are numerous pastures for the breeding of bulls and wild cows.


The Sisters of Marie Reparatrice have lived in this village for more than 30 years, living in close contact with the local inhabitants and sharing their joys and sorrows. 

In 2014 they decided that the spirit of simplicity, friendship and coexistence with which the community of Táliga had lived during those years would remain, offering the house and its surroundings to anyone who found themselves on the path of searching for and meeting God in nature and in their dealings with the people of the village.

Lifestyle offered

The rural setting in which the house is located is a privileged setting in which to enjoy life in a way that is rare and difficult to find nowadays, in the normal daily life and movement of the busy and noisy city. 

But it is not only the landscape but also the atmosphere of a small, somewhat isolated village, with people linked to the land and the work of the fields since time immemorial, that make the whole a remarkable place for those who wish to live the simplicity, the original, the authentic and basic aspects of existence.

If it were only that much, we would not have grasped what "Taliga meeting place and prayer" wants to be. There is more to it than that: It is an attempt to reach inner peace by means of outer peace in an integrating and harmonious movement with one's own being, with others, with society and with nature.

The house is open to everyone, believer or non-believer, from one religious tradition or another. Both will find it easy, in such an environment, to find God by discovering his imprint in everything that surrounds them, in the case of those who have faith, and the non-believer, it is possible to be involved in the mystery of the unfathomable both in itself and in the language of the elemental and essential of human existence.

Táliga is for people who wish to do without the comforts and conveniences with which we normally surround ourselves and thus experience life enjoying other goods: the contemplation of a starry, unpolluted panorama and sky, the contact with the serene beauty that invites calm, and the silence that leads to listening to the voice that speaks in the intimacy of oneself.

Dynamising team

For its proper functioning, everything related to the organisation is entrusted to a team of volunteers who know and wish to spread the spirit that is offered to the people who request a stay in the house. That is to say, the style that has been lived and that we want to prolong, as far as possible, when the community of Brothers and Sisters is no longer there. 

The group is made up of people:

  • From the village of Táliga
  • Lay associates of Marie Reparatrice
  • Sisters of Marie Reparatrice


"Táliga, casa de encuentro y oración" offers its services on a non-profit basis.  Its spirituality and spirit are based on the value of free services, the exchange of services and the sharing of goods. According to these criteria, each person who uses it contributes in cash or in kind, as much as their economic situation allows, depositing their contribution in an anonymous money box.

Activities that the house can organise

  • Activities can be organised in two ways. Either organised by the dynamising team or already programmed by groups that request the space.
  • As an indication and within the spirituality of encounter and welcome, it organises:
  • Workshops on Listening and Dialogue Dynamics.
  • Prayer
  • Self-help courses
  • Weekends of silence
  • Convivencias, etc.

Conditions for using the house

The person or group requesting the house is responsible for the food, cleaning and leaving it as they found it.

They are also responsible for the linen to be used: (towels, sheets, napkins...). 

The team can provide names of people from the village who will be in charge of the kitchen, if the group wishes to do so. 

The key to the house is held by a local person.

The house offers

Kitchen - dining room, three bathrooms, vegetable garden, chapel, two bedrooms with two beds, one room with one bed and another larger room with four beds.

The village has food services, post office, chemist's, doctor's surgery...

In order to make the Casa de Taliga known, a website has been opened, which is easy to access. All you have to do is enter the following address in the Internet search engine:


To apply for a stay: 

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Galisteo
Mobile: 34672 608 835
E-mail: el-pujavante@hotmail.com


C/ Huertas, 59
6133 Táliga (Badajoz)

Tel.: +34 672608835