Justice and Peace

The charism that God has entrusted to us identifies us with the Kenosis of Jesus that is made concrete in mercy, as a way of inclusion, compassion, consolation, dignity, and justice.

Identifying with the feelings of Jesus, we assume his lifestyle, his style of being with others,  close to the people, welcoming, in solidarity, recognizing and enhancing the dignity of each person.

The charism of reparation leads us to: 

  • Commit ourselves to a more just world, where all people have the same possibilities to live with dignity.
  • To work for peace at the personal, family, community and interpersonal levels. 
  • To generate spaces where women can grow and be recognized for who they are. 
  • To take care of life in all its expressions: protection of children and vulnerable people, the environment
  • To find  a way of encountering God in the service of  our sisters and brothers.
  • To attend to all the seeds of life that are growing in people. Seeds of tenderness and compassion.