XXIII General Chapter - July 9th

9 July 07

We are now at the end of a good days work. It has been good because we had an excellent experience of listening to the Spirit together, which led us to the moment when we could gather up the basic orientation of the Chapter.

Having put aside our personal interests the guidelines for the congregation during the next six years became clearer. The Lord blessed us by enabling us to return to the heart of our call, of our mission today. The Word of God: “ I have come to bring fire to the earth and how I wish it were blazing already” Luke 12:49, touched us. In line with our particular mission to manifest the tenderness of God to the world it found a new echo in our hearts.

Some of Emilie´s words also resonated profoundly within us : “Only love can repair….
All in our lives will be for God, his Glory and Reparation” A good inter active method enabled us to gather the fruits of the Spirit – personal reflection, exchanges in small groups and plenary sessions.

This evening, even as we rejoiced in the consolations of the day we were invited to remain vigilant so as to continue to discern the movements of the Spirit.
All depends on God, and all depends on us.
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes….

Later the coordination committee presented us with other important themes for reflection by the Chapter, themes in line with our orientation. In the course of the morning the language groups proposed two names for a redaction committee. The vote will be taken tomorrow.

Sorrow has touched us today with the sad news concerning the family of S.Martha de la TORRE. Her mother is dying. Certainly we accompany Martha with our affection and prayer.