XXIII General Chapter - July 11th

11 July 07

At the end of the day we had a good exchange on the realities and cultural aspects of our different countries. This enabled us to know one another better and not only to know our sisters but to feel close to the people among whom they live. The experience was like a whiff of fresh air which helped us to begin again with enthusiasm. Our work continues to be intense. It is a great joy for us to realise that many of our communities live among the most “dispossessed” of peoples. Our sisters are there as a sign of the tenderness and the maternal love of God.

The Mauritian sisters expressed some of the exuberance and richness of their islands, the rhythms of their typical dances and the harmony of their songs.

We were delighted with the appearance of a sister dressed in the typical costume of Guatamala. From Mexico came the Jalisco airs and a typical dance performed by one of our sisters. The joy was contagious and we all ended up on the floor, dancing and singing the “Cielito lindo” !

The morning Eucharist was introduced by the Malgache sisters and again we appreciated their polyphonic songs and rhythms so typical of this great island.

Our work was intense as we tried to formulate our orientations for the next six years. We tried to be as faithful as possible to the contributions from the chapter group, the experience we are living and the ways in which the Spirit is showing us how to bring an expression of Reparation into the present day world.