A day with the youth


By Sr. Justine Nassolo s.m.r.)

On 12th January 2012 up to 14th, Entebbe parish held a youth retreat and the theme was “Becoming responsible”. In our community, Sr. Jane Nyacho and I were selected to give something to these youths. Sr. Jane went on 12th and I went the following day. I prepared something on vocation which I shared with the youths. It was 10 am when I entered the parish hall to start off straight away. I found fr. Muwonge Richard- the youth chaplain of Entebbe parish addressing the youths and he introduced me to them there after the youths were divided into two groups: those in primary and those in secondary up to University. For my sake I remained with the elder ones who were about 90 in total.

         I started by explaining to them the word vocation which comes from a Latin word “vocare” meaning to call. I continued by telling them what a vocation/call  requires, that is to say, it requires love and service being the fundamental characteristics of a vocation, then discernment, detachment, a response and commitment. While going deeper in all these, they were attentive and listening and when it came to explaining the types of vocations they looked very much interested especially when I tackled about marriage life, they participated actively in it. And for the consecrated life they seemed to be ignorant according to the way they asked several questions concerning it, as well as Priesthood.  After break I went to those in primary level and we tackled the bible stories. When I asked them whether they knew some of the bible stories,they seemed to know most of them but when it reached to narrating them,

they did not know, meaning that they knew the titles but not the contents and some looked to be rather shy.  There’s one boy who was courageous and sharp enough to tell us the story of Samson. After lunch we watched a movie entitled “Gifted hands.” We concluded with a sacrifice of Mass.

         It was so interesting to share my faith as well as my vocation with these youths and it helped me to deepen it the more and in addition to be more responsible and attentive to hear God’s call every day of my life.






  (By aspirants Josephine and Agnes, Uganda)

It was a wonderful day on the 18th of December, as the youths of Entebbe were cerebrating their   Christmas party with their chaplain Rev. Fr. Muwonge at Entebbe parish. We, the aspirants of the sisters of Mary Reparatrix of Entebbe Bugonga, that is Josephine and Agnes joined the youth; we witnessed and enjoyed the youth Christmas party that year.


It was a get together as well as Christmas party which started with the cerebration of mass at 11:00am that was led by the youth chaplain. After mass, it was the introduction of the youths and their sub parishes with what they do, and then lunch and entertainments followed there after.

“God does not require us to do great things to change the world,

 But simple things with great love” (mother Teresa)

Just talking to a person, giving them a word of courage, can make them have a sense of belonging, feel better, and have some hope in life. Our chaplain and the parish priest Rev. Fr. Joseph  Ssebayigga, talked to us and encouraged us to always be available so as not to miss our opportunities.

It is believed that; the church stands on the youths so we need to love God, work hard and love each other.

“We shall never know all the good,

 That a simple smile can do.”

It was really a smiley day, that we felt loved and proud to be Catholics. We ate, danced and sung. We enjoyed for it was really our day. We got to know the different talents the youths of Entebbe have, and we shared.