XXIII General Chapter - July 13th

13 July 07

I am Julie, interpreter for the French language, and this is my first experience of a General Chapter. The working days are irregular: there are long intervals (for the translators) followed by long plenary sessions. But each day is a rich learning experience for me. The mountains which surround the Basilica, the fog (the sun has finally appeared; we had almost forgotten this was the month of July!) and the stillness are favourable to a relaxing atmosphere. The stress of city life seems far away. At the end of the day I go jogging in the woods, handing over my tiredness to the trees and breathing in lots of fresh air. It is a great way to recharge the batteries: contact with nature and physical exercise. Briefly, this experience is far from being merely professional: it is an opportunity for exchanges on a human level which are somewhat unusual, and this retreat is enabling me to meet up with myself again.
Thank you, dear sisters of Marie Reparatrice, for your welcome and your smiles!