XXIII General Chapter - July 18th

18 July 07

We spent four days in prayer and discernment for the elections of a new General Council and now we resume the news on our web page.

We are grateful for your prayers which helped us to live these days in an atmosphere of peace, serenity and interior freedom. During this time Mass was celebrated for us in the Chapel of Conversion, the place where Ignatius encountered God.

The elections in the life of a religious congregation are always a time of intense emotions. A spirit of great generosity and forgetfulness of self is required of the newly elected, as they must leave their own countries and place themselves at the service of the Congregation.

It gives us great pleasure now to announce the new General Council of the Congregation of Mary Reparatrix/Marie Réparatrice.

- S. Christine Barriére was re-elected as General Superior, for s second mandate of six years. Christine is French and will reside in Rome to fulfil her role.

- S.Dolorès Diez de Revenga, who is Spanish, was re-elected as first general councillor, for six years.

- S.Immaculate Nakato, Ugandan, and S.Irma Patino, Mexican were elected for the first time as general councillors for six years.

The three councillors will live in the Mother House in Rome, with the General Superior.

With joy and thanksgiving we welcome this new General Council as God’s gift.

We are pleased that this group represents the internationality and multi-cultural aspect of our Congregation, which is one of its greatest treasures.

S.Immaculate ~ S.Christine ~ S.Dolores ~ Sr.Irma

We warmly thank our new Council for their availability and we assure them of our support and prayer.