XXIII General Chapter - July 19th

July 19, 07

After celebrating the election of the new general councilors during a laughter filled evening of recreation, everyone went off happily to bed. As the morning dawned cool and fresh, we awoke, each according to her own rhythm. Nothing was scheduled for the morning. We were free!

At 1:30 pm we gathered for a festive meal. The room was well decorated with colorful balloons and pale green tablecloths complemented by blue napkins folded like flowers that nestled beautiful, tiny icons made by Sr. Esperanza Goñi, member of the community of Pamplona. The perfume of an exquisite flower arrangement, sent by the community of Rome, filled the air. Ten sisters from five nearby communities, St. Adrián, Las Arenas, Pamplona, San Sebastián and Vitoria, joined us. At the head table sat Sr. Christine Barrière and the former and new general council members. In addition to the main dishes, we all feasted on light appetizers, gorgeous sweet and sour cherries, ice cream, sparkling cider and champagne. A brief recreation followed. Then within a few hours we were back to work!

After the excitement of the elections and all the celebrations it was quite a challenge to put our minds to the task but work we did, doing our best to bring the texts of the Chapter closer to completion. You can see from all of this that we are still in need of your prayers to accompany us as we draw closer to the end of our journey here in Loyola.