A pre-novitiate in Beni-Congo. The pre-novices share their experiences


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My Experience in Congo By Agnes Naluwaga (Pre-Novice)

Being my first time to cross the border from my home country (Uganda) to Congo, I thank the Almighty God for this country and His protection towards His people. We had a safe journey and on arrival and we received a warm welcome. Though the languages (Swahili and French) are a challenge to me, I believe I will be able to interact freely soonest possible. Much gratitude to the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix for their internationality which has granted me a chance to learn foreign languages and to be open and ready for any mission. What a marvelous day! On 2nd July, 2012 we began our pre-Novitiate. I thank the Sisters for their love, care and prayers towards our well- being.

My experience By Josephine Nakato (Pre-novice)

It has been a blessing for me and a great opportunity to join this new community in this new country CONGO. This is an opportunity for me to try hard to learn new languages for communication. It was a nice experience on 2nd July 2012 when I officially begun the pre-novitiate. I thank God for the gift of the sisters who are always there to encourage and support me. It’s sad to see people unsettled in search for peace as a result of war. Besides this being the situation, the natives hope for a better future. As a challenge, I have realized that I have to live “LOVE and HAPPINESS” because that is all we need in such a wounded country. I know that the change I long for ought to begin with me and I am assured that though I do not understand the language, a simple "SMILE" can mean a lot to a wounded person. May God grant me the grace to make Him loved among all.

Christ thy kingdom come By Magdalene Nyambura Gatungu

The long awaited day finally came and we had to set off for Congo. On arrival to the border the language changed to “Bonjour”. On our way from the border to our community we had to cross bridges made of unfixed wood. On arrival to the community we received a warm welcome from Sr. Immaculate and Sr. Dorothy. There we were for mass on the first Sunday in Congo we were warmly welcomed and requested to introduce ourselves. I appreciate the fact that we are having French lessons and I find it quit an interesting language though conjugation remains a challenge. What a great day! On 2nd July 2012 my four Sisters and I were happily received as pre-Novices. I extend much gratitude to the sisters for your prayers which unites us in Christ. There is one thing I believe in: seeing positivity in negativity and finding God in everything.

French, a language to admire By Bochere Caroline

“Bienvenue Mes Soeurs” These were the first words I met on arrival at our new home in Congo. On 3rd June 2012 as we walked to the church, “Bonjour” was the song that entertained my ears. What was I to respond? Just imagine what…? I put a very broad smile to appreciate their effort and nod my head happily. As I listened to the articulation of French words, I found it an interesting language. After a short time, my thirst was quenched like a plant in the desert, receiving rain for the first time, when we were informed that we were to start our French lessons that week. Here I am struggling with French, constructing broken sentences and receiving corrections from the sisters. I also have friends who are helping me to learn the language as we communicate.

A transforming experience By Jane Gatungu

As I quote St. Ignatius, “Finding God in everything” is a phrase that summarizes my experience in Congo since our arrival in the new community. Besides political instability in the country, the citizens around us are very warm, welcoming and friendly. The natives rely on God’s providence and live each day as it comes. I have been challenged in that I ought to learn how to recognize God’s presence in whichever situation. Let’s join tirelessly and pray for peace to reign in fighting countries amongst them-Congo.

Quote: We can all spend our lives going about doing good ,Every time you meet a person, think of some encouraging thing to say – a kind word, a helpful suggestion, an expression of admiration. Every time you come into a situation, think of some good thing to bring a thoughtful gift, considerate attitude, a helping hand.

Community’s beauty- What a gift! By Gatungu Jane

A community as a gift from God is a place where one can easily learn a lot, where one interacts with people of different cultures, languages, personalities and nationalities. The contribution of each member in the community creates joy and a sense of belonging among the members. We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colours …but they all exist very nicely in the same box. To maintain this beauty as a member I ask myself a question: “What ought I to do?”

My experience By Josephine Nassuuna

The long awaited day came, I finally arrived in Congo to follow & live with Christ in a new family. Congo is a beautiful country, wonderfully created by God with streams of water after a short distance. The fields are green with natural forests and frequent rainfalls. It is a country full of happy and welcoming people. People are very busy, working very hard in different corners – on roads in markets &shops striving to survive including the young ones who treasure education with a great hope of the better future. People worship their creator with beautiful melodious songs praying to their loving Father for a better future. A BETTER FUTURE which is nothing but “PEACE”. People have been born in war, studied in war, worked in war and many have died in war. Dear friends, let us continue to pray for peace.

PEACE PEACE PEACE By Josephine Nassuuna

You are so wonderful,
So lovely, needed by every one
Strong desired your own
For you bring our heart at rest
You come first as we think
Always on our lips as we whisper
You come every after two words when we speak
Where are you hiding, peace?
In Africa and elsewhere
We work tirelessly all deep long
To different corners of jobs
In search for you peace
People speak and cry
They shout and whisper
They laugh and cry
For only you peace
Faithfully in different religions
The Catholics, Muslims, Protestants & Orthodox
Every body is crying for you
Who will bring you to us? Our Dear beloved peace!
Let me call the Almighty
To send you to us especially in Africa
In our homes and communities
AND more so in our hearts. AMEN