XXIII General Chapter - July 21st

21 July 07

It is a grey day and the sky is cloudy…

At the beginning of our session this morning S. Eileen Carroll gave us some sad news – her brother has suffered a heart attack and is critically ill. The family is gathered around him and Eileen will leave for home at 13.30 this afternoon. We observed a minute’s silence to present him and his family to the Lord. We assure Eileen and her dear ones of our prayer and affection at this time.

Our work then focused on the theme of “Vocation promotion – A programme for the Associates and other Laity”. We see the necessity of having clear criteria and guidelines for accompanying persons who are interested in our charism. We are pleased to share our SMR spirituality.

Before Eileen left we were invited to take our place on the steps of the Basilica for a souvenir photograph of the group.

In the afternoon, as we resumed our work, the delegates from the different regions/provinces met to discuss how the way of transmitting the Chapter experience to their communities. The facilitator explained the different texts that would be voted next day and gave us an evaluation sheet to complete.

For some days now we are feeling quite tired and are already thinking of the joy of meeting our sisters again in our respective communities.