General Chapter - 3 May


An image from the catacombs in Rome of three women harvesting wheat, was given as one that could inspire us as we   harvest the fruits gathered from the reports from different areas of our SMR world.  This harvest needs to be threshed out by the fourty-four diverse women who comprise the Chapter group.  To do this with as much ease and peace as possible, the guidance of a small group is needed.  We call this group of four, the Coordinating Committee.  Sr. Christine Barrière and Sr. Piluca will work on this committee with two sisters elected from among the capitulants.  During an election that was quickly completed, we chose Sisters Aurora Torres and Antonett Chebet to collaborate with Christine and Piluca in this role.

To enter into the work of the afternoon on the life and mission of the congregation within the context of the world, Piluca used a graphic image of an open circle at whose center was reparation with Mary.  She called our attention to following elements of congregational life which will need particular attention during the days ahead: leadership/membership; resources (personnel, finances) and structures.

Irma Patino, General Councillor, using a power point presentation, helped us review the synthesis of all the Chapter reports from the Provinces, Regions and Union.  We were given several periods of time to reflect and share in small language groups.  One member of each group shared its consensus on important points which will be considered more deeply later in the Chapter.

Later on in the day, three sisters from Latin America, Madagascar and Uganda/Kenya/ Congo, who are responsible for preparing those who have made their first vows, presented us with the young women’s synthesis of the same documents mentioned above.  They brought a fresh perspective to the work of planning the years ahead.  As we heard comments from those in the Chapter room in response to this synthesis, it was evident that the thoughts, feelings and vision of these younger members of the Congregation had filled the room with happiness and hope.  Not a bad way to bring the day to an end!