General Chapter - 4 May


Unlike all the days of this week, today brought sunshine into our world and our hearts. The sun continued to shine in another

 way during the prayer prepared by the sisters from Colombia, Panama, and Peru as we heard the invitation from Deuteronomy 30: 19 to “choose life.”  We took quiet time during the prayer to reflect on our relationship with God, Father, Père, Papa, One who shines through and warms every aspect of our lives.

Nurya Gayol, ACI (Handmaid of the Sacred Heart) spent the remainder of the day with us. Nurya, who has a doctorate in theology, teaches at a Jesuit University in Madrid.  Her main focus is reparation theology.  Nurya told us that our choice of kenosis as the theme of the Chapter invited her into a deep consideration of its relationship to reparation.

She began the day by highlighting the basic meaning of the word, “kenosis,” self-emptying.  She delved into its Biblical roots and led us, with great energy and conviction, into a consideration of the essential link between kenosis and reparation.   Nurya pointed out that though we cannot birth Christ in the physical way that Mary did, we can create a space in which others who suffer can experience the presence Christ who poured himself out in com-passionate love.  Unlike justice and love which are good things which can be twisted in a way that wounds, com-passion, the nucleus of reparation, cannot be used as a weapon.  It is the best of what we have to offer in union with Jesus Christ.