General Chapter - May 9


“Dare to create another society.”  With these words and the image of the Good Samaritan, given to us during morning prayer on May 9th by our sisters from Madagascar, we began a journey into “internationality”.  Without moving around too much in the room, we organized ourselves into small language groups to tell each other why we think internationality is important among us here at the General Chapter and among us, sisters of Mary Reparatrix today.

After the break, Dolores read some excerpts from the talk that Pope Frances gave to the 800 members of the USIG gathered in Rome this week.  The Pope stressed three points: the centrality of Jesus Christ whom we know from the Gospel; authority as service and feeling with and in the Church.  Pope Frances thanked religious for their work and said that he keeps us in his prayers, especially the elderly and young among us.


Immediately after hearing from the Pope, Piluca invited us to meet in groups based on our age to share our aspirations, calls and dreams in view of our call to live “internationality” today as SMR.  We used images in the plenary session to give our group reports.  They were photographed and projected on screens one by one so that everyone could see them.  Then sisters who had not created the particular image being shown were asked to share what they saw.  It was enriching, amusing and enlightening to hear what struck them.  Then the secretary of the group gave a verbal report to explain what was behind the creation of that image. 

Up to this point in the day, we had been focusing on SMR internationality.  At 3:30, against a musical background, with the help of images of diverse and impoverished people we entered into the reality of the world as a whole.  Immediately afterwards, we were back into the mundane work of the Chapter as we voted to approve the minutes for the past week.

During the rest of the afternoon, we worked on Life-Style; Charism Promotion and Formation-Education in three groups of mixed language.  Now we are getting down to brass tacks!