Transmission of the chapter Uganda / Kenya region

Opening ceremony–Sunday 12th August

The opening ceremony was on the 12th Aug 2007at Entebbe. With a group of 23 sisters. Due to unavoidable circumstances some sisters were not able to be with us, so they will have the same transmission in Kenya 22nd – 24th August.

We started with a prayer led by Sr. Immaculate Nakato. she read for us the report from the Superior general Sr. Christine. B. Then we received the program on how the transmission will go on for the four following days, we were divided into four groups with different responsibilities

Day 1 - Monday 13th August - Animated by Sr. Immaculate. N

The day was bright and sunny, we started with morning prayer at 9.00 a.m led by group one. After prayers we went into our groups to our reflections upon the document which we had received the previous day.

We came back for the plenary at 11.00 am to share our reactions/ findings. The sisters had mixed feelings due to what struck them, the challenges, consolations and desolations noted from the report. We concluded with mass led by the parish priest Fr. Christopher. at 6.30 pm

Day 2 -14th August - Animated by Sr. Franciska

Theme : I have come to bring fire (Lk,12;49)
The atmosphere was cool and calm, the sisters were very eager to receive from the transmission.
At exactly 9.00am we had an opening prayer animated by group 2, then immediately we entered into the days programme.

Sr Immaculate introduced to us the orientations of the chapter there after, we went into our groups for reflection and discussions. At 11.00p.m we came back for the plenary for reporting what the orientations are calling us/ region to live, at the same time where the priority is in my / our life.
This led us to mid-day where we had our mass by the parish priest. In his introduction he elaborated well about the theme of the day. He said that the fire is within us, so we are called to take it with us wherever we for our mission and ministries.
We had a break for lunch at 1.00pm then we resumed our program at 3.00pm. We talked about our identity remuneration, vocation promotion and restructure. The floor was hot and interested in the sharing of the above theme. We received the questions about above theme for tomorrow’s reflection and sharing.

Day Three - 15th August - Animated by Sr. Denise

Theme: What Can we do with so great Love?
We all assembled in the hall for our morning prayer in the mode of celebration . First for the assumption of Mary and cerebrating of our anniversaries of some of our sisters.

The prayers were animated by group three. In which Sr Denise led us through personal reflections on the themes of the chapter that is to say: SMR Identity, Remunerative Work, Vocation Promotion, Formation , And Restructure. This took us to 10.00 am time for group work.

From group work and break we had plenary. In the plenary we had a good atmosphere and many burning issues were discussed and resolved. With the themes of the chapter we came to an end of our transmission.
We had a short break, then Sr Denise read for us the message of Sr. Christine which concerns our commitment to the mission.

At 6.00 p.m we had a colorful Eucharist celebration by Rev. Fr. Kasibante During mass Srs; Apoline and Jane renewed their vows.
At supper we celebrated our feast with a nice meal.