General Chapter - May 24


“So, when you hold out your hand selflessly, and give help to the stranger in need, then whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me….So follow me into the Kingdom, follow me, for you have been wise.  Follow me, you who have known me, I was right before your eyes.”  With these words from a lovely song by Janet Sullivan Whitaker, we ended our morning prayer animated by the United States. 

 We moved from the image above by Mary Southard, CSJ to one of Jesus breaking bread with disciples in a modern kitchen where a meal was being prepared for the end of the journey to Emmaus.  These two paintings and the morning prayer were really appropriate for the work of the day. 

Today, May 24, we collaborated in order to further clarify the content of the final Chapter document which will give focus to our lives lived among our sisters and brothers within a suffering Earth community. At the end of the day, though we appreciated all the time we had to discuss information, thoughts, opinions and feelings on a variety of subjects, we were all quite exhausted.  At the beginning of the Chapter, Piluca had helped us realize that though we were bodily in Loyola we were still “arriving” in some sense.  Now, though we are still engaged in the work at hand, we are in many ways already moving away from Loyola toward the many places and countries from which we came.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers that we may have all the wisdom and insight needed to bring the Chapter to completion.