General Chapter - May 22


It is now May 22 so several days have passed since we told you about Chapter events.  As you know, from the last bit of news, we began our retreat of election on Saturday, May 18.  Fr. Mark Rotsaert, a Belgian Jesuit who accompanied us during the retreat, is superior of the Gregorian College in Rome and President of the European Jesuit Provincials.  He is also an author, spiritual director, etc.  At, you will find a piece by him entitled, “Adapting the Spiritual Exercises.”  He celebrated Mass each morning in French and gave us very brief yet profound scripture reflections before supper.  Fr. Mark also facilitated the election process.

We are very, very happy to tell you that on Pentecost Sunday, after discernment, we elected Aurora Torres as our General Superior.  Prior to her election, she had served as Provincial of Mexico.  Our meal at 1:30 pm was a joyous affair!  Today our lunch was once again a celebration because after two more days of prayer we elected three sisters as General Councilors.  They are: Antonett Chebet who is Kenyan; Tomasa Gómez, a Spaniard and Marguerite Convert from France.  None of them has served in a general role before so they count on our prayers in order to respond well to the Chapter mandates and orientations for the next six years.  Before they begin their service they will return to the countries where they have been living and working before meeting in our house in Rome.  Once in Rome, they will get better acquainted with each other and with the duties that face them so they can begin to sort out how best to accomplish them.