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By Namakula Felicity, Second year from Uganda

When I was told that the noviciate was to change from Mauritius to Kenya, I had mixed feelings within me that of sorrow and of joy. I felt sad to leave the people that I had just known, people who are so loving, caring, kind, friendly, open and faithful to God.

 I had just started to learn the language and I was going to miss the sisters who are so loving and challenging in their way of living. On the other hand I felt joy knowing that God’s ways are not our ways, as I make my plan, God also is making His own plan. Another thing which gave me joy was a phrase in the constitution which says that we shall go wherever the charity of God calls us. The last two weeks were tiresome as we had to park the books we were to take in the noviciate, to leave the house clean and to park our luggage, also we had many invitations.

The day came we set off and God granted us a safe journey to our new Noviciate, we got a worm welcome from our sisters. When we arrived we were very tired but we had to organise ourselves and adapt quickly because the programme had to continue. I thank God that He enabled us to adapt quickly the environment, the house, the time and the new programme. The joy I got after settling was when our twelve sisters came to join us whom we call the apostles of Christ. I was very happy to meet the sisters from Madagascar, very friendly people and happy. This has given me life and I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ may continue to keep us in mutual love, so that we may be one as He is one with the father.
By novice first year,   Nakavwa Restetuta. From Uganda

NakawaIt was on 14-08-2012 when 12 of us went for the Recollection at Resurrection garden we spent the whole day with our GOD .We came back in the evening at 5:30pm, our beloved sisters welcomed us joyfully and requested us not to enter in the house. It was very interesting the twelve were anxious to enter but our dear sisters keep a keen eye, we were asked to stay in mama Colombia
At 6:00pm as the rest were preparing supper, Sr.Nantale came for us and we followed her up to the chapel for evening prayers.

The chapel was well decorated, prayers well animated and after prayers we joined our sisters in singing Marian hymns as well as accompanying one by one to our rooms oh! What a surprise? All our bedrooms together with beds were laid and decorated with interesting messages and gift. On the Assumption of mother Mary, that is on 15-8-2012 we begun our morning prayer at 9:00am Sr.Annet (Regional superior) received us  and all the sisters who were present together with the second year Novices welcomed us very well to the society of Mary Reparatrix.  We took some photos, after that we went for refreshment as well as preparing for mass which was to be said at 12:00pm.Liturgy was well prepared, during mass Sr. Philo renewed her vows we thank God for that ,and we had two priests on that day. After Mass we went to the reception at blessed Emilie gardens we took our delicious food prepared by smr catering service not forgetting the cake. The Sisters surprised us they hired a Disco from BLESSED EMILIE DISCO SOUND ON NGONG ROAD OPPOSITE UCHUMI HYPER. We had successful day my thanks goes to all the members of the society of Mary Reparatrix thanks a lot for your prayer and support may GOD BLESSE YOU ALL. 

By Regina Napareng   Second year novice   from Kenya

ReginaDear Sisters, I would like to share with you a little bit of my experience in the noviciate which is International, from four nationalities that is Kenya, Madagascar, Congo and Uganda. For the little time we have lived together it has been really a fruitful experience for me and I believe the same with others. You can imagine apart from coming from different nationalities, each one comes from different background, culture, with different characters, gifts and talents. Actually it is so beautiful, enriching and it colours our community. I can say it is an opportunity God has given me for I have learned a lot from my sisters, Its challenges also has a positive impact in my life for it has helped me to grow in different   ways at times it is not easy but all the same I appreciate a lot because it has transformed my life in a positive way.

All these experiences  has led me to realise and understand that really Christ is present among us, as it is written in constitution no.13 that Christ who is always present in the midst of those who are gathered  in his name gives to the community its evangelical character, transforming everything  even its  weaknesses. So dear sisters I have really loved the spirit of missionary life and hope to profit more as I continue with my formation. Thank you so much, prays for me as I pray for you. God bless you all.  

Miadana Gentil Laula Ervea, novice first  year  from Madagascar

ReginaI am very happy to share my experience since I arrived here to join this community to continue my journey with Jesus in my Novitiate formation.

 First, the welcoming speech to the community, I was really touched by the love which each one shared to us during that time, the prayers, the decorations everywhere in our room, the food. It was a good collaboration, and well organized. I was so happy, I will never forget that time, we enjoyed, and we danced.

It gave me strength in my formation; I keep the happiness for my difficult times. I thank God for having given me a new family, the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix.

Secondly, the inter-nationality; from different countries, different cultures but, we live together in unity, one in Christ our Master, a great mystery. I love this new experience; I have known many things through this internationality, for example: language, my English is improving now, since I arrived, I am used to eating the stable food slowly by slowly.

Thirdly in my apostolate to the prison, the first time I went there, I looked at the scripture which says:’’ when I was in prison you visited me ‘’and another one Jesus said ‘’I have come for the sinners and not for the righteous’’. I realized that I am also a sinner but I am here to bring Jesus to them for the reparation, I felt love for them, I shared the Word of God and my faith with them. I love my apostolate, it gives me life and it is also my life.

Finally I want to thank you all because I believe that you remember us in your prayer. Thank you very much God bless you all.  See you next time!

By Novice first year Maliyabwana  Bertille from Congo

ReginaTo have the opportunity to enter the noviciate for me it is a tremendous formidable experience of enrichment and capacity build for my stage. I strongly believe that this step I have taken is a plus, for my spiritual growth in Christian life, to grow   in faith, in the love of God and in his knowledge, in order to share it with others especially during my apostolate as am dealing with young children who are willing to know more about God in the form of catechism profession of faith. These children give me a lot of courage in the way that they are very eager  to lean, and am happy with them because they have so many questions which help me to search more and more through  different documents for my new discovering and my own benefit so that I may share it with them. 

Having the experience of one month in noviciate formation it makes the experience unique and exciting in the form of self discovering and also the experience lived with my sisters, whereby we share different gifts and ideas together in love and joy which shows our unity in the form of internationality in all its richness as a gift from God which makes us to live happily and gives glory to our Creator.  In following this programme my main objective is to grow in the knowledge of God, in Christianity especially in religious life and specifically in this congregation of sisters of Mary Reparatrix where by the Charism is the delight of my heart according to today’s realities.  For all I thank the Almighty God for giving me this opportunity and I ask him to journey with me so that I may profit in it to the fullest.Thanks a lot may your Holy name be blessed.

By novice frist year,  Ravaorimanana Emilienne

ReginaMy sisters, I want to share with you a little bit of experience of  novitiate   I’ m Ravaoarimanana Emilienne;  I’m called Emilienne and I come from Madagascar. Kenya is a big country and interesting. I like it , and I’ happy to stay here but I need to adapt everything. So, about the language; when I arrived to Kenya I started to learn English. It was not easy but I had courage and the community helped me so now I can say my English is improved. I can speak and understand some of it and I have hope I will get it and I’ll know it very well. May be after learning English, I’ll learn too Kiswahili because it help me for my apostolate and shopping also.
 About the internationality; I love it because we are from different countries; we have different cultures but we can live together. For me it is a gift from God; it is a wealth. The internationality life is not easy always but I’m able live it with the grace of God. I can manage it if I know each others, I understand each person. So the internationality life needs understanding, love, adaptation and humility,  so that help us to have a good relationship. It is opportunity to live as our Mother Emilie said our congregation is international from the beginning.

  My apostolate is  to  visit family.  “I was sick and you visited me.”  Mt 25; 36b. It helps me to live our charism  as NMF said: ” Sans crainte ni danger nous irons la` ou la charité de Christ nous appelle.”  Lettre de 2 juillet  . Every Saturday I do my apostolate to visit the family especially the person who sick; we talk with them and we encourage them. Some of the people don’t know English so there is person who translates for them when we speak. I’m enjoy and God calls me to visit the person who is sick, who is poor; during my adoration I present   to Jesus the person what I have visit and I pray for them.  I know you pray for me my sisters and I promise to pray for you too. I wish all the best for you

God bless you all 

The novice of the first year
Regina Regina Regina Regina
 Herisoa Nantenaina
Marie Jeanine
Regina Regina Regina Regina
Eulalie  Hortence
The novice of the second year
Regina Regina Regina  
Maria Stella

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