Diminishment, a time of grace for living in faith


Our current situation does not prevent us from living our mission today in following Jesus, but is, instead, a theological place where the Lord awaits us, calls us, and sends us; not because of diminution but precisely through it.

We do not yet fully grasp the grace contained in this time of diminishment but we can have intuition about some of its fruits. This grace filled time “forces” us also to understand in a radical way a sense of mission, beyond our plans and our projects; it pushes us to deepen our paschal sense.

It is possible that God, who in the 19th century, attracted so many congregations to meet the social needs of the time, is now in need of women and men, vulnerable and mostly older, but who, based in Him, accept with confidence the reality given them to live, by engaging in creating links of solidarity and fraternal love within and outside of their congregations.

Sr. Mª Isabel Ardanza Mendilibar, CCV in the UISG review n° 154

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