Deepening the different aspects of our life as Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in the light of our constitutions- Helped by the General Council (10th t0 12th April)




Deepening  the different aspects of our life as Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in the light of our constitutions-

Helped by the General Council (10th t0 12th April)

On Monday of the Holy week, the General Council (Sisters Aurora, Tomasa, Antoinette and Marguerite) and the general bursar ( Sr. Vielka) invited us to reflect on the letter of Sr. Mary Piancone, who was the superior General during the approbation of our constitutions  in 1984. We shared what we felt was highlighted in the letter especially the spirit of our Mother Foundress, Blessed Mary of Jesus. She left us a heritage which we should continue building upon, as we endeavor to revise, renew and adapt it for all times. Our constitutions were the work of our sisters who preceded us and equally the work of the Church. We are therefore called also to participate in the same work of keeping the spirit alive as we participate in the universal mission of the church. It is also a call to "a deep spiritual renewal that will manifest itself in all our choices and conduct”(Mary Piancone, 1984).

On the same day, we looked at our history of the congregation. We looked at the economic situation and the progress that has been made since 1987 when the congregation began reflecting seriously about the economy. Sr. Vielka, led us through that process which involved reflection teams at different moments during the 30 years and what has been accomplished during that time.

We saw the seriousness into which the congregation took on the topic of economy, helping and involving all the sisters of the congregation to get in touch with the reality which is inseparable with our call of following Christ. This meant choosing a lifestyle that would permit us to respond to the calls of our world today. Some of those choices include, simple lifestyle in all aspects, communion, working to earn our living, sharing of resources among ourselves and those in need,  and promoting justice.

On the second day, we shared on a text by Antonio Bellella Cardiel (2015) on Work – Administer – Share. We also revisited our constitutions on Administration of goods. In both texts we found rich values which can help us in our vocation and especially in community life. They touch our lifestyle in community and in mission. They include being engaged in service and in sharing, communion, solidarity, compassion, witnessing love, prayer, sharing our faith and promoting the human dignity among others. While these values help us shape our life as SMR, it is also true that as human beings sometimes we find them challenging. However we trust that God will help us to respond generously to His call every day.

On the third day we looked at the vow of obedience and mission. We shared basing on our constitutions and a text by Gary Riebe, SVD on “Le Vœu à l’Obéissance”. We shared our lived experiences highlighting mostly the challenges that we find in living this vow and engaging ourselves as we should in mission. We highlighted some values which can help us respond to this vow like dialogue, co-responsibility, subsidiarity, communion in diversity, personal and communal discernment.

We thank the General council and the General Bursar for helping us in these three days to deepen on what concerns our life style as Sisters of Mary Reparatrix.