XXIII General Chapter - July 3rd

Tuesday 3 July 07

“Without seeing you we love you, without seeing you we believe…”

The feast of St. Thomas, the doubting apostle, allowed us to unite with him in his magnificent profession of faith : “My Lord and my God” Jn. 20

Leadership and membership in religious life is also a matter of faith, as it was in the case of Abraham. That is how Sr. Christine ANDERSON introduced our reflection on the challenges of leadership and membership in religious life to-day. She referred us to our personal responsibility, to our present task which is above all to be an active member of our congregation for the sake of our mission and for the greater glory of God.

During the day we experienced various methods of work, for example :
• Exchanges between delegates who are here for the first time and those who have participated in previous Chapters.
• Taking the drawing of a tree we were invited to indicate the roots of our congregation, elements which constitute the trunk and then the different expressions of our charism through apostolic ministries.
• As delegates we shared our feelings and the manner in which we are approaching this Chapter.

Sr. Christine is a member of the Faithful Companions of Jesus. She lives in Rome and is a consultant to “Jesuit Service to Refugees”. Many of you will know her as a speaker or facilitator at several General Chapters.

At the end of each day we appreciate a time of prayer and personal reflection so as to integrate all that we have received as a message coming from God.