Development and peace - Canada

The Canadian organisation DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has continued this year its campaign of awareness concerning the Canadian companies that do not respect the social and environmental norms.

A meeting of about 60 religious with some members of Development and Peace took place on Monday April 14th. The goal was to make us aware of the injustices caused in our own country and to propose means to continue our reflection which would lead to concrete actions. Four of us Reparatrix Sisters participated. We shared in groups on the 6 basic principles which would ensure an equitable share of the riches and discussed the following questions
 Do we feel concerned?
 Can we change things?
 Where is the spiritual dimension in this?
 What is our responsibility as Christians?

Recently in the newspaper “La Presse”, there was an article on a book written by a Quebecer entitled “Black Canada”, which was about to be launched these days. It denounced the injustices of the mining companies in Africa. The company Barrick Gold prevented the spread of this book.

The Christians of Canada are more and more conscious that we are part of the “Stomach of the Monster”; that our country is part of an economic and political system (neo-liberalism) which causes injustice in certain countries of Africa and Latin America. We are conscious of this and we are ashamed.

Another national organisation “Aide à l’Église en Détresse” (Help to the Distressed Church) informed us last March of the kidnapping and death of Mgr Faraj Rahho, Chaldean Archbishop of Mossoul, Irak. We brought this intention to our prayers.

On April 27th, I also participated in a meeting “Justice and Faith”, to share and discuss the
May 1st message of the Assembly of the Bishops of Quebec, concerning the evil effects of industrialisation in the rural world: stress of the farmers, pollution of the environment by pesticides, commercialization of agricultural products, desertion of rural farms and the economy of the regions.

As SMR “wanting to eliminate all forms of violence everywhere and always” we bring these situations to our prayer and we desire to help those around us to be more aware of them. The next meeting of Development and Peace for religious will be held to decide on concrete actions. We hope to participate. Be sure that we are united to you in spirit and in our hearts and that we regret these injustices which are caused by our country.

S. Claire Brabant (Région Canada)
Communication May 2008