XXIII General Chapter - July 5th

5 July 07

Yesterday was brought to a close by a joyful time of recreation, where our sisters from Canada and the States entertained us. It was Independence Day in the States and we had some delicious sweets from California and Canada.

It was a day given to statistics, graphics, balance sheets, with a check on the past and a plan for the future. It’s a huge challenge for us to integrate the vision of our charism with the needs we have, the alms we share and the mission which we wish to develop. And so we trust that in all our economic structures the Holy Spirit is present.

S.Maria Luisa Antolín, general bursar, and Mr Guy Chabert presented our demographic reality and financial situation. All of this may seem very technical but it is necessary if we wish to work effectively at promoting solidarity throughout the world. Let us not forget that all that we are and all that we posses is for the development of the mission and for sharing with our sisters and brothers who are in the greatest need. (C 247)

Another world is possible. Little by little we must promote a culture of solidarity, of work for everybody so as to earn a living, a world where all created goods are shared
more equally so that no one is deprived of the necessities for living with dignity.

Is not this God´s dream for us today, the struggle with the poor and for them against the kind of poverty which humiliates and kills life.

May God´s gift of creation, given to us so that we can live life to the full, be the peaceful place where we can breathe in pure air, drink clean water and be nourished with healthy and natural products of the earth. Some of our sisters made us aware that the care of our environment is directly related to our economy.