Regional house in Kampala - Uganda/Kenya/Congo Region


It was on the 14th of February that the news about this house was officially announced to the communities in our Region. We of Entebbe community which has been the residence of our Regional Superior were privileged to get this news as soon as they were confirmed.  This was a great gift of love to our region.  We were not left aside as many were in the mood of “St Valentine’s Day” we too contemplated of the tremendous love of God to us.  During this day we all witnessed all over people exchanging gifts and gestes of love to their beloved ones; being the beloved daughters of Emilie, our dear God offered us this gift through the General council and on hearing this news we all applauded in great joy and hearts full of gratitude for the marvelous deeds the lord does to us at all times.  This had been our prayer since many years back, and at long last it has been granted. Deo gratias!

After a long period of struggle in searching for this house, Sr.  Annette our Regional superior narrates to us down here the challenges she encountered and difficulties she had to endure without giving up along with those who helped her in this search.

{Sr. Annette ……….As we celebrate Easter of 2010, I feel very happy and grateful to the Lord for the gift of a new house given to our  Region of Uganda/Kenya and Congo by the General council. What appeared to be a dream has become a reality. Remember during Assemblies of 2007-2009, most of the sisters expressed their need of getting a house in Kampala so that we can enlarge our tent. The Lord heard our prayers and in February 2010 the house was bought from Mr. Taylor Rajdi minister in Buganda Kingdom.

Regional house: - Kansanga - Kampala

It was my first experience to purchase a property in the City and was not an easy task to accomplish.

I had to get “brokers” whose main task is to look for customers who need to purchase or sale property/ land.  We went to several places in the outskirts of Kampala such as Tinda, Bugolobi and Luzira. Most of the houses where we went were constructed in recent times and they were so beautiful outside but they had cracks inside. As well as that it was very difficult to find a house with 4-6 bedrooms as you know nowadays that:  nuclear families are becoming smaller and smaller; so the houses on sale were either apartments or with just 2 bedrooms and they could not cater for our needs.

SMR - Regional house: - Kansanga - Kampala

During this same process, some people were thinking that we were con women, even a lady in Luzira frankly told us; “I didn’t know that I am dealing with wrong people” She said this because I asked her to give us a discount and to allow us to pay in installments because the money was not available at that very moment and I knew it was going to take some time to clear the whole amount. With such words, I never gave up and I kept on trusting in God because I knew that there was a house he had prepared for us.

After that experience, God directed us to go to Nsambya Catholic Secretariat, where we found a gentleman who directed us to Mr. Taylor Rajdi. His first words were: first come first served. He had just put his property on market and there were two Sudanese men who had gone back to Sudan to bring money to pay but they delayed and we profited by this occasion, paid our commitment fee and when they returned we had already paid the first installment. They had offered to pay an extra 10% to buy the property but there was no way because the sales agreement was already drafted by our Lawyer.


Now the house is ours, what next? We need to be very grateful to the Lord and to the Congregation which has sacrificed a lot in order to achieve this property. ………}

SMR - Regional house: - Kansanga - Kampala

We are the first Religious community in Kansanga Parish and there is a lot of apostolate to be done. This place is very populated and there is a lot of evangelization to be done.  The people are yearning to be fed with the word of God. There is a lot of prostitution going on around here and the parish priest has requested us to reach out to them and help them to restore their lost dignity. 

There is also the need to get in touch with the sick that need us by visiting and taking the Holy Communion to them. 
We are near to Kampala International University where majority of the students need to be catechized.  There are also lots of youth, married women and men who need to be accompanied spiritually and brought closer to God.   So as we received this gift, let us be generous in self-giving and by sharing with these people the good news of the risen Christ by being present in their midst.

SMR - Regional house: - Kansanga - Kampala

All the sisters in our region thank the General Council for the love and care they have for us.  We desire to express our gratitude to God, by allowing him to use us, not as we want but according to his will and divine plan for each one of us.  And so, with joy we ask the Lord to show us the way we should follow as reparatrices as we go out making Christ known and loved beyond all limits.