XXIII General Chapter - July 8th

8th July 2007

Yesterday, we concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist which was celebrated by Fr. Jean Ilboudo s. j. The sisters of the province of Spain Centre-South/Hungary animated the liturgy using popular hymns and instruments.

Later in the evening we gathered for a time of recreation during which our Swedish sister from the community of Akersberga, presented some characteristics of her culture. Then it was the turn of the Belgian and Dutch sisters. Our Dutch sister appeared wearing the typical headdress with a bouquet of the world famous tulips. The sisters representing the region of Uganda/Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo entertained us with typical dances in lively coloured costumes.

This morning we began the second stage in the Chapter work: the General Council gave a power-point presentation in 3 languages which was a synthesis of the reports of the provinces/regions sent to the General Chapter.

We spent a long time in personal reflection and prayer, made our personal notes and shared in our groups the fruit of this reflection. The principal ideas were written on a flip chart where the points of convergence were noted and the important ideas emerged.

In these changing times through which we are living we asked ourselves what aspects of the SMR Charism are we called to live more intensely?
How do we express what is the heart of our mission so that it really touches the life of our peoples?

At the end of the afternoon the provincial of Mexico and S.Patricia Peña gave us information about the recent foundation in Cuba; they showed us photographs of their arrival there and of the welcome received from the Local Bishop and people. They presented S.Christine Barriére with a symbolic Cuban drum and she in turn, in the name of the Chapter thanked them for their availability, and gave them a statuette of Our Lady for the new community. The chapter also expressed their joy by giving a big round of applause.

S.Denise Souci also gave us some news of the new community in the Congo. She spoke of the first contact with the Assumptionist Fathers of this country, the discernment process to search for the most suitable place for our sisters and the particular projects that are beginning to emerge. The international community is composed of a Ugandan sister, a Mauritian and a Malgache. S.Christine Barrié presented S.Denise with a cross on which is written in French, “Go out to the whole world, proclaim the Good News”. Again, we warmly applauded this new foundation and the sisters who have made it possible.