Guatemala, like so many places, is today suffering the consequences of the COVID pandemic. Our presence among the simple people of the Medalla Milagrosa de la Vervena parish in Zone 7 of Guatemala City has always been very dear to us.

As Religious of Marie Reparatrice, we have received much from this simple and committed way of living the Gospel through the Basic Ecclesial Communities. 

Today, the COVID is making waves and this is what they told us:

"In contact with the families, by means of a visit from our homes by telephone we have heard testimonies of people who lost their jobs or who have had their working hours and salary reduced. The situation is more dramatic for single mothers and families who are losing family members who contributed economically to the support of the household. Remittances, which have been a source of income for some families, have decreased or disappeared. The cost of the basic food basket has gone up".

With the efforts of people showing solidarity, we were able to obtain food baskets for 600 families for 6 months and water filters for 600 families. This has alleviated the lives of many people.

Once again, the path of solidarity is what helps us to have a more dignified life, as God dreams it.