Firs days in the noviciate


Leaving our family members, relatives and also friends, after having had a good time with them is the greatest detachment in life but consolation comes when we know that deep inside our hearts that we are leaving our homes and joining our second home. Each one of us had mixed feelings like feelings of joy and happiness because our long awaited time had finally come.

We thank God who has given us the courage and grace to persevere. We also had fear, sadness and anxiety. Fear of leaving our country, fear of the unknown culture, language, climate and a new country. The long journey gave us anxiety and the issue of leaving our families saddened us. However, we received a great support from our sisters in our previous communities with encouraging words.

We were struck by the hospitality of the sisters in Blessed Emilie Novitiate Community. The food, beautiful flowers, cards with encouraging words, well organized rooms and gifts were so amazing. This revealed to us that the spirit of hospitality encouraged by Emilie is still alive. The welcoming prayer was so touching as we were called to be the light everywhere and to everybody.

The period of relaxing really helped us to put ourselves together, to gather our different experiences, to be in touch with our feelings and new environment, new people and also to relax our minds and bodies. Discovering new places in Nairobi was a great experience. We learnt that things are expensive and this taught us to economize the little we have.

We were happy to receive the community program which includes community timetable, charges and guidelines. This has so far helped us to do things in an orderly way. We are happy to participate in the apostolate in our parish. The Christians are self-giving and the parish is concerned with the poor. Their generosity is seen in their support towards the needy. We are privileged to participate in the liturgy at the parish. This helps us to learn the language and new songs.

We are drawing our strength from adoration, community and personal prayers. Through these prayers, we are able to have a good relationship with one another in the community and outside. Exposing Jesus in the chapel is so touching and we thank God who has granted us this chance. Classes are giving us more light about prayer, being in touch with ourselves and paying attention to the movements of the spirit. We have understood better the demands of spiritual accompaniment through the accompaniment we have had.

So far we are enjoying life in our new community through the help of our formators.

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