From Mexico, we are there with the people


Dear Sisters:

I am going to share with you something of what we lived these months in Ciudad Mendoza Veracruz.

I accompany the catechists in their formation on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. in the Parish of Santa Rosa de Lima.

This year during Holy Week I supported the catechists so that the 120 children of the catechesis could experience what is called Children's Easter.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they came from 9am to 2pm to live together, to get to know each other and to play, but especially to prepare themselves to live the Easter Vigil.

The themes were given by the Catechists themselves.

On Thursday, they were given the theme of the Eucharist, on Friday, adoration of the cross and the Way of the Cross.

On Saturday, the Easter Vigil.

Another event was the children's day fuel. In Mexico it is a custom to celebrate children on April 30th with toys and gifts.

Together with the Catechists we organised this day with games and food. Several food stalls were set up for the children to choose what they wanted to eat. It was very lively, fun and well attended, we thank God for all this new life that is being prepared to continue building the history of salvation.

With love Sister 

Victorina Sandoval Nava, smr.