Josephine's testimony on God's fidelity


What a joy it is to stand before you to celebrate God's fidelity in my life, to thank him for the gift of life, joy, love, peace and hope, for having given me the audacity and all the necessary graces that have accompanied me on my journey. Thank you Lord for having called me to live the reparation with Mary by witnessing your mercy and your love to those whom you put on my path.

To all of you: my family, my sisters, brothers, friends; on this magnificent day when I commit myself definitively to the Lord in the congregation of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, I express my heartfelt thanks for all that you are for me. Thank you so much for all your prayers that do not go unnoticed, your support, your words of encouragement, your help to be Mary for Jesus and the witness of the love that repairs.

I was born in Uganda into a practising Catholic family of eight children, two of whom died, I thank the Lord for the gift of a wonderful mother. When Dad died, at a difficult time for us, she did her utmost to take care of us. Never abandoning us, she educated us well, making us grow in faith, teaching us to work hard to earn a living. One of the qualities I inherited from my mother was her sensitivity to others, her willingness to help where needed, especially those who are suffering, and I am grateful for this. May the Lord bless you, Mother. Nothing happens by chance, I firmly believe that the Lord was preparing me for the mission of reparation through her.

When I was 15 years old, I discovered the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix through their visibility and strong presence in my village. Very often I prayed in their chapel before the crucifix which still exists. These intense moments of prayer in this place brought me many fruits, including the confirmation of a call to religious life. I finished my studies as a teacher in 2007 and taught for a year. But at the age of 24, after several years of discernment, I felt the call to the congregation of the sisters of Marie Réparatrice. Accompanied by one of my sisters, at the beginning I found it very difficult to pray according to Ignatian spirituality and to do the rereadings of my life...; this did not correspond to the way our family prayed. On the other hand, little by little I understood and appreciated.

I noticed that these nuns, especially the one who was in charge of me, had a quality of gentleness, patience and listening and I feel that they really helped me to discern my vocation. Through the different recollections, short retreats, sessions, training during the weekends, and I felt that I belonged with them. It was a precious help for reflection and discernment and it prepared me well for Religious Life. In 2009, I decided to follow Christ in the congregation of the Sisters of Marie Reparatrice. We were 5 young African women starting a 4 year formation cycle, the first vows of which were pronounced in Nairobi in 2013. A 2 year formation period shared between Kenya, Uganda and novitiate between Mauritius and Kenya.

A period subject to multiple adaptations: changes of country, cultures, languages, places of mission. A journey full of encounters, trials, doubts, joy, graces and wonders for which I thank the Lord who has allowed me to live this journey in faith and trust. I am very happy to participate in the mission that my congregation and the Church have entrusted to me: at present, I am part of a team of chaplains in the health ministry at the New Civil Hospital, seeking to care for suffering and sick people, to accompany them to the end in a spirit of reparation and compassion, like Mary at the foot of the cross, to console and comfort them. And I participate in the accompaniment of a catechumenate team.

Lord, my joy is to accomplish what you want of me. Your word is for me like bread for the road. Help me, God of love, to follow you further, to find you in my brothers and sisters in whom you choose to manifest yourself. If I ever stray, Lord, call me. Give me your charity to serve you without calculation and without reserve, to love you and have you loved, to adore you and have you adored, to know you and have you known in truth. Amen

In conclusion, I humbly ask you to continue to pray for me so that, through all the events of my life, my heart may always be with the Lord, like Mary, the first Reparatrix, so that I may remain faithful to my vocation, always listening to his voice and available "to go wherever Christ calls me, especially where he is less known, even if there is more to suffer for his name. Constitutions n°33 - Thank you!