I thank God for the presence of our Congregation in the heart of the Church. I am more and more convinced that our charism is still dynamic and relevant. And to live it fully, the Congregation never ceases to offer us all possible means. Hence the importance of formation at all levels. In this sense, I am going to mention in particular the interest of this formation that we have lived for 4 months and which is coming to an end: it is "THE SCHOOL OF THE HEART".

For me, it was really a very rich time of experience, i.e. a time of renewal, of resourcing, of transformation and of grace. It was a time when I was able to review my relationship with God, with myself and with others, thanks to the different themes we discussed.

Interculturality, for example, allowed me to be more and more aware that diversity is not at all a threat but a richness coming from God. So I am invited to welcome it in an attitude of reverence, admiration and respect. And there the exchange and dialogue are very important. Moreover, I am convinced that the culture based on the Gospel gives meaning to this interculturality.

By deepening our lifestyle, I am more touched by the Eucharistic life with its dimensions and richness. I see it as a challenge in my daily life. A desire that I would like to live with the help of Blessed Mary of Jesus. For I have discovered that "Emilie contemplated the love of God in meekness and humility. Love is the key to her life.

Yes, I receive these riches as a gift from God. And that I am invited now to use them to achieve the end for which I/we are created: "to praise, respect and serve God" in an attitude of indifference and discernment. This gift is an inner strength that pushes me to live my vocation as a Sister of Mary Reparatrix more fully within the Congregation and the Church. And daily life is a place par excellence to live it fully.

During this strong time, synodality was one of the themes discussed, during which we spoke a lot about "walking together", "accompanying". With these two words, I will turn to each of you, my dear Sisters. I have felt your presence from the beginning of our journey until today. You have walked well with us. Your respective messages and prayers have been very supportive. This experience has made me / makes me close to each of you.

So I want to thank you very much my dear sisters. Thank you to those who organised and prepared this formation: our Superior General Aurora Torres Hernandez and her counsellors Rosa Vizcay, Julie Buckley, Antonett Chebet; to the General Bursar Vielka Rivera; to the sisters responsible for the region of Uganda/Kenya/Congo and Madagascar; to the teams of the 3rd year: Stephanie Couglan, Elisabeth Ramirez, Antonett Chebet. Thank you to all the sisters in the Congregation. May the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and Blessed Emilie, never cease to grant you all the graces you need so that you can truly live our charism to the full.

My humble prayer is always with you.

"The vocation of reparation unites us more particularly to Jesus Christ, in the gift of his life to the Father, for his brothers and sisters" C.2