Oh how can I repay the Lord for His goodness to me, I will raise the cup of salvation and I will call on the Lord’s Name… Psalm 116 

Words cannot fully express my interior joy and gratitude to God who chose me to be part of this experience and who has granted to each one of us, life and good health. God has showered upon us uncountable graces and blessings, may His Name be praised forever. On the morning of 01/09/22, we officially started our spiritual journey with Mother Mary the first disciple (Le premiere en chemin). Mary has been my model throughout this experience of the school of the heart, contemplating her FIAT-YES to the Will of God. It has been for me a special journey of renewal, conversion and reconciliation, returning to the Source and drawing strength from it. Being near the tomb of our dear Mother Emilie and the Chapel of Bauffe here in Rome has made me feel her presence more closely and I have tasted her spiritual experience of 8th December, the birthday of our Charism of reparation with Mary.

It was all joy for us the nine tertians to meet again after many years. We have enriched, encouraged and supported one another in our shared experiences. We have grown together, holding each other in prayer. What a lovely experience! Thanks to each one of us. God has blessed us with a wonderful team of formators who have given themselves fully to accompany each one of us and as a group, with love, simplicity and respect. The support, care, love and prayers of the General council, Bursar, each one of you our SMR family, relatives, friends, facilitators, support staff, Nemi Retreat Centre and well wishers have made our journey possible and I have felt loved and encouraged in my experience. I have also prayed for you all. May God bless you abundantly.

Through the various courses, input given such as; Intercultulation, Talitha Kum- Human Trafficking, Synodality, SMR life style, Life of Emilie, Preparation for the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatian Spirituality and many others by various facilitators including our own Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, I feel renewed, enlightened, re-energized and empowered in my Reparatrix vocation. The significant places visited where Emilie passed, lived and died were opportunities of discovery and deepening our SMR life. The Catacombs of St. Callistus, Subiaco the place of St. Benedict, Assisi the place of St. Francis and St. Clare and having audience with Pope Francis have been Pilgrimages for me which have strengthened my desire to be like them, hence growth in Faith. The experience of the 30 days Retreat in Nemi, which still continues in my life, has been the climax of God’s work in me by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have deeply tasted God’s unconditional love and Mercy. I have received grace upon grace from God. I have acknowledged the more, God’s presence in my sacred life history which is salvific. This experience has also made me rediscover that, I am unique, made in God’s own image and likeness, created to praise, reverence and serve God, then save my soul. God’s presence and love through all His creation helps me to achieve the purpose of my being created. This precious moment of grace, has led me into recommitting myself to renew my First Love for God, confirming Him as my only Treasure, Pearl and Center of my life in whom everything begins and ends. He invites me to do that by taking up my cross daily and following Him, being a prophetic witness of His joy, peace, hope and Love that repairs, in this broken world. On my own, I cannot manage but by God’s grace, with Jesus and fixing my eyes on Him, all will be possible. May our Mother Mary and Blessed Emilie continue to pray for us. 

 By Rosemary Nansubuga /smr