It is with joy that I share briefly my experience of third years here in Rome.

It is a very important time for me that God is giving me to live, it is a rich and interesting life experience.

During this time of formation we have exchanged and shared experiences of our mission with each other, we have received different trainings from lay people and from our sisters of our congregation.

We deepened the interculturality and I found the importance and richness of the difference. For the deepening of synodality: I discovered the importance of "making a journey together".

We deepened: "living the spirit of Emily in today's world. I understand that my Eucharistic life is manifested in my daily life, not only in Mass or adoration.

During the 30-day retreat, I experienced very strongly the "great unconditional love of God for me and for the world" and I understood the importance of services.

The deepening of the Ignatian Spirituality through the spiritual exercise, I understood better that the Principle and Foundation is the basis of the spiritual exercise. The dynamisms of the Spiritual Exercise has enlightened me a lot and encouraged me how to live discernment in my daily life. I discovered how to know the different spirits that animate me, and the importance of asking for grace according to Saint Ignatius. The examination of conscience is also very important in my life.

Through what I have received and experienced, I have the joy of how God loves me, I am enlightened how this could help me to live my daily life and to respond more to my vocation as a sister of Mary Reparatrix.

Now I would like to thank God and all that accompanied me during this time of formation.

I would like to say a big thank you to the General Governments, our regional councils and the formation team of the third year who helped us and accompanied us, then to our sisters who came to share their experiences with us, as well as to all the sisters in the Congregation who accompanied us by prayer and encouragement, may God give you all the grace you need. 

Many thanks