Dear Sisters:

It is a joy to share with you the life that is emerging in the midst of the complex reality we live in Guatemala.

From the 2nd to the 8th of May we celebrated the "Good Shepherd Week" with the theme: "Am I in my place?

It was organised by four religious congregations: Notre Dame, Sisters in the Diaconia, Pious Society of St. Cajetan and Reparatrixes, being a gesture of communion and that it is possible to do something together.

During the week we had a variety of activities: Sharing of charisms, a theme on the vocation to be good shepherds, a recreational activity with a lottery of the different vocations and services among which we could see the foundresses and all the people who carry out a service to make our life simpler and fuller.

The "Vocational Holy Hour" was very meaningful, led by the boys and girls in formation, praying for those who are following Jesus in our Congregations. On the altar next to Jesus was Emilie together with the founders of the other Congregations, as we contemplated them we felt the great love that they had for Jesus in the Eucharist and for the people that God sends us to serve.

Themes were prepared for adults and for the children who are in catechesis, reflecting on the questions: Who is a good shepherd for me? For whom have I been a good shepherd? In the sharing we were able to remember gratefully so many people who have left their mark on our lives, and we felt the call to give of our lives in the way of Jesus the Good Shepherd, who loves, knows, accompanies, serves compassionately?

To close the week on Sunday 8th May we shared testimonies at the different Eucharists. It was a very empowering experience to listen to the different people (children, young people, adults, religious and priests) who offered us their words from what God had given them.

We had a Vocational Expo, where we made known our charisms and some publications to offer to the people who came to ask questions, the phrases of Emilie were highlighted and set the scene along with those of the other congregations.

We thank God for this experience of teamwork, for all that we have shared and received in these days, for the gift of vocation.