Sharing my experience of the Third Year Training 2022


Dear Sisters

I am happy to share with you my experience of the third year this year 2022.

At the beginning of this formation year I thank you sisters for giving me the sense to live and follow this experience with my tertiary sisters. On the first day of our meeting we were welcomed by our formative sisters of the 3rd year and we continued to weave together as a path of collaboration and communion as a group. The mutual acquaintance that we made in a very special way, put us in an atmosphere of brotherly love. We had time to share our personal experience of the mission with each other in a spirit of listening, trust and love; it was a strong and enriching moment for me.

We deepened different themes that are very important: I was very touched when I listened to the sharing on the fight against human trafficking and the richness of different cultures, and then the journey on synodality: "making a journey together" in an open and listening spirit.

I had the joy, light and encouragement of deepening on Emilie's experience and the SMR lifestyle and I discovered that "the key to reading her life is love, love given freely without excluding anyone" and I also discovered that "our Charism is a grace to be shared" and "the Eucharistic life is manifested in the reality of daily life and not only in the Mass and adoration". And also the community is a space for growth.

I am very grateful to God for the graces I received from my 30 day retreat experience and to our two sisters who accompanied us where I experienced very strongly the greatness of God's love for me and for humanity, the richness of forgiveness and the importance of Humility following the example of Jesus who washes the feet of even his enemy in Jn 13 and the legacy of what Emilie left us in the letter of July 02 number 02: "Humility is the basis, the essential foundation of all the other virtues".

The deepening on the spiritual exercises has enlightened me a lot and I have better understood that the Principle and foundation is the base and the root of all spiritual exercises. I am convinced that we have the necessary tools to help us make a good choice in the search for God's will (Discernment), by drawing on the spiritual exercises and the importance of the review of the day. I am very enlightened on how to recognize the movements of the spirit in my daily life according to the spiritual exercises.

Anfi, I would like to say a big thank you to you my sisters in the General Government and the sisters in our regional councils who allowed me to live this great experience at the "school of the heart" and also a big thank you to the team of the third year formation for your simplicity and love to help us grow and accompany us. Many thanks to our two sisters who came to share with us your experience, as well as our two sisters who accompanied us during the great 30 day retreat. I thank all the people who contributed to our formation and also all the sisters in the Congregation who supported and encouraged us with your messages and prayers. I am very grateful and I pray for you and may God bless you. Thank you also to our staff in the house who helped us in one way or another. Many thanks to all of you!

SIDY Odile smr