This time of essential formation has been very rich for me and I have learnt a lot. I thank the general council for preparing a way for us. The warm welcome has made us feel at home and we started participating in small things like, going to the market and keeping our house clean, women of our time. In fact, the sisters took us around Room in order to see where we are and how to find our way out. In the process, we have visited mang churches, Subiaco, the place where St. Benedict start the religious life and near the Monastery for Monks, St. Scholastica his twin sister who entered in a monastic life. They are very beautiful churches and each has a Patron saint. The story of St. Francis of Assis presents a great but a simple man. His real name was John, but his father seemed to have come from France and he kept going for goods from France because he was trade man, thus, Francis could be sent to France for goods so people kept calling him Francois… until it became his name. St. Claire of Assis was a friend to St. Francis, who admired his way of life and started the congregation of the Poor Clares. This shows that the majority in Rome were Catholics. No wonder, it is said that Rome is the centre of the Catholic Church. It makes me proud of my faith and to love it unto the end.

Our 3rd year started very well on the 1st of September 2022. The sisters took us through the theme of the last general chapter. Together as one body… weaving threads of tenderness… As we weaved together, we realized that, it makes the work easy and it brings unity in the group. It’s a very rich experience which opened our hearts and hands for the work.

We had a session on Interculturation which is to help accept our differences in order to live our diversity in peace and harmony. Our missionary culture will help to adapt in the country where we find ourselves. There are many aspects in a culture such as, language, foods, the way of doing things, and so on. The group of talitha Kum works to promote justice for example, human trafficking. They accompany the victims who need feeling and restoring their dignity. It is a call to live in solidarity with the people around us in order to know what is happening and where to help

I have love very much learning or reflecting on our Mother Foundress from here because, I can see the reality. Going to the Baeffe Chapel I feel the presence of Emilie and I love very much climbing to the Triune where she prayed from. I can kneel on the pile where she knelt. It is wonderful for to make my adoration from there. We visited the houses that we have closed and this shows me the history of where we have come from as a congregation. I admire the discernment that has been made by our sisters to reach to where we are. Surely, this is the work of the Holy Spirit. It is a call for to live one day at a time.

Our visit to Florence made my day. We visited the house where Emilie passed on. It is the house her son. What touched me most, is that, she had chosen to stay with the workers and death found her there. What a humility!!! She had all that she needed, but she chose to be with the workers. After her death, they kept her body in very simple place under the Church to wait for burial. This is call for to simple life and very united with my God.

We visited sisters at Florence. These are our old sisters, but I was challenged by their joy! On their beds and wheel chairs, joy is animating them. I thank and appreciate the sisters who are taking good care of them. They are happy to be sisters of Mary Reparatrix, it is the spirit of reparation that units us as a body. They made me understand the BEING that we talk about. Love, joy and faithfulness in the work of Reparation. I thank God for this chance given to me to live these realities.

I went to Nemi for my 30 days retreat. This was another moment special grace. The place is very conducive for prayer. We were with our sisters who were guiding us. It is during that we visited the Carter Tombs. I entered there, visited in side it and I said, “let GOD BE GOD and He will remain GOD.” Thousands and thousands of Christians were killed but they are there today as if nothing happened. This confirmed that the Church is in the Hands of God.

That was not enough, at Coloseo, people died like flies. Lions were more recognized than human beings. I experienced a lot pain, when I listened to what happened that building was being constructed. It was constructed by slaves with their hands, no machines. People were being thrown to the lions as their food. I felt that the human dignity was not recognized except the Empire. They are heros of faith and I ask for the grace to live my faith in the world of my time.

On the 23rd November, I had an opportunity to attend the Audience of the Pope at the Vatican. He passed very near where I was. I profited to carry the objects for blessing together with myself. He cannot but be a Jesuit. His way of teacher is clear, and words straight to the point. He invited us to live the spirit of discernment.

I am very happy to learn on the Spirituality of St. Ignace of Loyola from our Sr. Elizabeth Chateau. Her way of presenting, give me a taste, it is sweet and I fell in love with the spirituality. I ask God for the grace to live it and if possible to share it with others.

The four months passed in Rome has been a time of Grace. It has enriched my life that I will never be the same. I am very grateful for this precious time give to me by the congregation. The care given to me by the sisters has made me feel the sense of oneness. “May our hearts all bit as one” I thank you all in diverse countries, regions and communities, for your supportive prayers. I acknowledge and appreciate you all. NB. I am because we are and because we are I am. Thank you and God bless SMR

Again, I am grateful the General Council for the sacrifices they have made to make this time a reality. May God bless you and grant you all the graces that you need in the different activities for the betterment of the congregation.