Testimony of Sister Regina. Final Vows.


I was born in a small village in the North East of Kenya, inhabited by a small tribe called the Pokot, a tribe that is faithful and firm in its culture and customs. It was in this environment that I grew up and was educated. As a young woman of my time, I imagined my future following the same path as other women of my culture, according to what society demanded of us: to marry and have children to continue the clan line. But one day a simple encounter shook up my little world.

While still at school, I had unexpected encounters with other women who were well involved in society, but in a different way from the women back home (these women were missionary nuns). This encounter showed me that another way existed and that continuing the lineage of humanity other than through marriage and motherhood was also possible! It was at that moment that I understood that there was a call for me, and it was then that I began the journey to discern that call. It was for me an encounter with Christ, he revealed his love and his merciful face in the multiple faces of humanity and this set me on my way...

After my studies in 2008, with the help of people with whom I had spoken about my deep desire, it was clear to me that I wanted to follow Christ in religious life, but I did not yet know which institute I could join to continue my journey.

My search for a congregation later led me to an encounter with the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix; their charism of reparation with Mary grabbed me immediately. And then I discovered other aspects of the charism during my formation.

The place of Mary, this woman who was preparing to marry, when the message of the angel Gabriel announced to her that another path awaited her, that of being the mother of Christ; she thus entered, by her yes, into collaboration with God the Father to participate in his mission of reparation by bringing Christ to the world. For me, as for us reparationists, she is the first reparationist, she is our model.

This aspect of reparation resonated strongly with me and echoed my own history and the history of the men and women I was with at that time, and still today in our wounded world. This experience awakened in me the desire to make God's love known by being at the service of my brothers and sisters, because only love repairs. I had to let myself be repaired first by his love, so that I could in turn repair and participate in the mission of Christ. I give thanks to the Lord for the gift of my vocation and for all his blessings in my life.

Together with other young women, among them Sister Josephine, I began my four-year formation which ended with my first vows in 2013 in Nairobi. I lived this time of formation between Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius and then France. In all these journeys and changes, I have lived rich experiences, with their joys and trials that have allowed me to experience our charism of reparation in its different forms. I am very grateful to my family, to my sisters of the Marie Réparatrices, and to all the people of good will I have met along the way, who have accompanied me and helped me to re-read the signs of God and discern his will in my life.

Today, concretely, I live our charism of reparation through welcoming, listening and accompanying, and I am happy with the calls I have received to commit myself to the mission: I collaborate, within the framework of the Ignatian Network of Strasbourg, in personal accompaniment, the animation of retreats and the accompaniment of a Christian Life community. I am also part of the service of the Pastoral Care of Migrants. I am deeply grateful to all of you, because in one way or another, you have been present on my path.

Finally, I ask for your prayers with great simplicity. Pray for me that I may remain faithful to my vocation in spite of my weaknesses, and like Samuel and Peter, listen to the voice of the Lord and obey his word, even in difficult moments, and say like Peter: "Master, I toiled all night and caught nothing; but at your word I will cast out the nets. In the same way, all of us need Christ in our daily lives, so that the mission he entrusts to us may be fruitful. This very day, he sends us out into the deep in faith and trust. Amen