Lord my God,

I thank you for all the graces with which you constantly fill me.

Especially during my third year, through the various deepenings, and by diving into the great retreat. And which illuminate me like the light of the sun. Through them, Lord, you show me more and more how to let you lead my way of reparation, which is my life, the opening that you give me is still a challenge for me. You invite me to be witnesses of what I have received. With Ignatius Lord, discernment is a daily life that helps me to find you in everything. I thank you too, Holy Spirit, who has armed me as a knight in your service, and gives strength to my soul at every moment and protects me always. And you Jesus, you never leave me alone, you yourself said: to do God's will, always cling to his love, thank you.

Let me Lord thank all the people who have contributed from near and far to the realization of our 3rd year, first of all my Region who let me come here, my community who is always with me, replacing me with the loads and the works; and to all the sisters in the congregation, thank you for your support and your prayers for us. Guide the Lord and give them your graces that they need. I count on you.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Sister Superior General and her advisors, for the competent help you have given us, for your patience, your unconditional love, your encouragement, your availability, your organization, your presence ...., which help us to get to the bottom of our formation. I am sure that God will give you grace without ceasing. Thank you very much, count on my prayers for your loads.

And the 3rd year formative team, thank you for your impact on us throughout our training. You have done an excellent job during the training: your creativity, the different organisations, your availability to us. It was such a great experience. The training was so insightful, thank you for giving us valuable knowledge. God! keep them in your grace throughout their lives. I am very grateful for all that you have done for us.

To you my sisters of the 3rd year. I cannot thank you enough for your support, help and presence whenever I need it. I cannot thank you enough for your love and support, yet I say, God with his unconditional love keeps you.