I feel I cannot thank the Lord enough for what he has been to during these four months of grace and transformation. What do I do with so grate a love?! It has really marked my life since we arrived. The warm welcome, the care, the love and solidarity, the wonderful preparations found on the ground. I have always felt God’s presence and that of Emilie since my arrival. My sincere thanks to the General, Regional and 3rd year Formation team, support team, that worked hand in hand to make this experience a reality as well as all the Reparatrix family that has unceasingly prayed for us.

My expectations and deep desires have been met and received. I have really received more than I asked for and expected!! The sessions followed and deepened; the heart conversation, Interculturality, Human trafficking-Talitha Kum, Synodality, our style of life, Emilie’s spirit, preparations and revision of the spiritual exercises, Ignatian spirituality and a session with the General bursar were moments of grace and light which gave me a broader vision and a positive attitude in my Reparatrix vocation and life. The Bauffe Chapel and the tomb of Emilie were fulfilling and consoling places for me, where I have prayed for the Reparatrix family, vocations, the church and the entire world. We have been a blessing for each other

The 30 - thirty days’ retreat at NEMI RETREAT CENTRE remains unforgettable experience where I experienced and tasted God’s unconditional love, great generosity, mercy, warm and transforming presence, walking humbly with him and in him. The General council chose the best for us, thank you so much. I was really lost in God that a month turned into a week!! God made me understand that it is a daily life to live and a continual journey where he blessed me with so many graces and blessings to share with all my brothers and sisters in his mission and in my daily life. This third year has not left me the same as I came, there is new life and strength in me.

The different places of pilgrimage; Catacombs of St. Callito, Subiaco – St. Benedict, Assisi, walking in the steps of Emilie here in Rome/Florence and other places/churches here in Rome, were moments of grace and purification that enriched/strengthened me spiritually on my journey of faith.

The General level and the Formation team have done their best and made us feel at peace and at home. They have helped us to live our experience fully and joyfully. I can’t complain I only give thanks to God. God bless you always.

Yours faithfully

MariaGoretti Ssanyu NAMPEWO.smr