Third Years News


To all the sisters of the Congregation of Mary Reparatrix, friends and acquaintances who carried us in their prayers and gave us valuable support in one way or another during our formation in Rome. I underline especially the community in Rome together with the staff of the house, the team that accompanies us closely together with the interveners who did everything possible to make this formation take place with such depth and fluidity that marks my/our history.

I share with you my feeling of gratitude before God and before you for being living instruments in the hands of God himself to manifest his unconditional love to me. For me this school of the heart is a time of grace and unforgettable opportunity because I have experienced with great intensity, depth, conviction and faith the immense tenderness of God for humanity. It is a time of God that allowed me to feel from my own experiences His ardent desire to be with all of humanity and at the same time it aroused in me an intimate desire to welcome and enjoy His love. Love is repaid with love. During this time I have enjoyed the deep sense and richness of inner stability nourished by entering into an inhabited silence. Enlightened by the Gospel, I have experienced that knowing how to "stop" in life is a gateway and very favourable to be able to grasp what emerges in life and through life.

I carry in the depths of my being the desire to carry, continue and make transparent in my daily life what I have received. I feel the willingness to carry the torch of Reparation with Mary so that the fire of our charism may continue to shine wherever it is. "Enlarge the space of your tent"; Iz. 54. I am very proud to have St. Ignatius and Emilie as unwavering references in my close following of Jesus, as well as all the sisters from generation to generation for their fidelity to the charism.

With great faith and active hope I ask for the grace to be constantly attentive to the voice of God and to the cry of humanity, and that I may know how to match my will with the will of God. It was impressed on me both during the EE and during our sharing on the theme of Ignatian spirituality that "the grace that is asked for is given". Well, we deepened other and very important themes that helped me because of the community atmosphere shared with the richness of interculturality and internationality among us.

With much affection,

Marie Marthe Rasoamalala, Rome on the eve of the feast of Mary Immaculate.